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Welcome to hydration station! No seriously, we cannot understate how great this toner is. Skin Script Rx may have made the best all-purpose toner available. It nourishes dehydrated skin while improving cellular functions and the absorption of ingredients. It's soothing and calming thanks to cucumber extract. It's also one of our favorite scents in any of the skincare products we carry. Skin Script Cucumber Hydration Toner manages to be all of these things while maintaining an extremely reasonable price tag.

Cucumber Hydration Toner

  • Our clients of all skin types love Cucumber Hydration Toner! The smell is fabulous and it applies a light layer of moisture over the skin. Recommended for all skin types and concerns.

    • Topically Reduces Discomfort & Irritation
    • Assists in Boosting Hydration Levels
    • Minimizes the appearance of pores
    • Balances Surface Lipids
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